relaunch but I still prefer Grooveshark relaunched a few days ago allowing completely free listening — no credit card required. You can sign up for an account or connect with your Facebook account. Sounds cool, right? Yeah, well …

I have a Mog account. Is free listening available to me? Well, sorta but, apparently since I already have an account, I have to provide a credit card. Yes, I was a Mog premium subscriber before but let my account lapse because I wasn’t happy enough with the service to justify the continued expense. So, now, even though I can listen free for 14 days, they require a credit card. And there’s no indication that I’ll be able to continue listening for free after that. No, I’m not that cheap, I just don’t like getting roped into something, spending a lot of time working up laylists and such and then having to abandon it.

OK, so I created a NEW account and now I can listen for free. I created a playlist, saved it and grabbed the URL to share it to my friends. Turns out THEY have to create an account to listen to it. Not terrible. But compare it to Grooveshark.

Grooveshark doesn’t have the cool interface that Mog does. But it does let me share music with my friends who can play it (or my playlists) without a Grooveshark account and that’s pretty important to me. If my friends want to create their own Grooveshark account, they can but they don’t have to.


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