Current devices and why I’m OFF NVidia

Motorola XOOM with Verizon. Still 3G, running 3.2 stock but rooted.

LG G2x through T-Mobile. Running CM7 nightlies

Overall, I’m happy with both devices. Was considering NOT upgrading my XOOM to 4G but I think I will when they contact me. The G2x is a nice phone with a great display and very responsive. Since I’m running a custom ROM, I don’t have A2DP which is a philosophical problem for me but that’s all.

And, that said, I think I would NOT buy another NVidia-based device until/unless they start releasing their code/drivers. The reason I don’t have A2DP on my G2x is because NVidia hasn’t made their code available to the community. And that means that the independent developers are either limited to working with the kernel that was released with the device or are reduced to guessing how to work with the drivers. That’s NOT the reason I’ve moved to Android and I WON’T make that mistake again.


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