New Opera for phones and tablets/EVO 3D uses MHL port

I ran across both of these articles on AndroidPolice this morning and, rather than posting them individually, I figured I’d just roll them together.

First, Opera’s released new versions of both their Mobile and Mini. Mobile’s got a new UI for tablets but it’s also got Flash support as well as a few other new features (AndroidPolice article about both is here as well as download links for both) so if you’ve got the horsepower and download speed, go for it. If not, go with Mini which also has a new, tablet-friendly UI and some new features like pinch-to-zoom. If you just want to download them, here’s Market for Mini and Market for Mobile. Supposedly you can just go to in your mobile’s browser but when I tried it on my T-Mobile Nexus One, I got a message that there wasn’t an Opera Mini for T-Mobile and that I should try the public Opera build.

Next, Sprint’s newly announced HTC EVO 3D doesn’t have a micro USB port nor does it have an HDMI port (AndroidPolice link here)! Instead, it has an MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) port. MHL is a new standard that can connect BOTH microUSB and HDMI on a single port. If you have a TV that has an MHL port (probably not at this point) you can plug it in and (get this) CHARGE YOUR PHONE VIA HDMI. The port supposedly is plug-compatible with microUSB so you don’t need an adapter for it but, until you get an MHL TV/whatever, you’ll need an adapter for HDMI. Yeah, it’s kinda cool and futuristic and I understand that devices must adopt new standards but, c;’mon, that means you need an adapter! OK, *I* probably won’t need an adapter because there’s very little chance I’ll plug it in to my TV anyway, but would it’ve hurt them to put an MHL *and* a microHDMI port on the thing?


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