The AT&T/T-Mobile deal changes everything

I decided to pass on the HTC Thunderbolt this past week when it was (finally) released because, frankly, I didn’t (and still don’t) think that it brings enough new stuff to the table. Sure, it’s Verizon’s first LTE phone. But there will be plenty of those. And unlike previous Verizon phones, it can do 3G data while you’re talking on the phone. But it’s a single-core phone at the beginning of the dual-core era and has an 800×480 display when 960×540 is the new resolution. If I’m going to lock myself in to a year long contract, I want to get closer to the cutting edge. Thunderbolt owners are able to get in on an unlimited 4G plan for $30/month and that attracted me, too, but there’s no guarantee it will be transferrable to another phone not that Verizon wouldn’t convert it to a tiered plan once they’re on the books.

So, after doing a Best Buy pre-order and waiting a month, I decided to pass. Yes, I went to the Verizon store and used the phone on launch day. For 40 minutes, no less! And it’s a great phone! But it’s not “not your next phone but the one after that” as it was advertised. It’s between my last phone (a Nexus One) and my next phone. And HTC has started locking their bootloader! C’mon guys!

I shifted plans. Rather than pick up last year’s phone, I figured I might get the USA version of LG’s Optimus 2X on T-Mobile, called the G2X. While it’s only 800×400 at least it’s got a dual-core Tegra 2. Rumor is it’ll be a “Google experience” phone and the G moniker sorta indicates it might be the next G phone (as in G1, G2, G2X).

But, now that I see AT&T is buying T-Mobile, I may have to go to Sprint or Verizon. I’ve already got the XOOM and I’m pretty happy with it (yes, I know I owe you a review … and it’s coming, I promise). But Verizon’s business practices bother me. Their coverage is excellent but, honestly, I’ve not had many problems with T-Mobile, even when I went to New York a few weeks ago. Sure, I get a few dropped calls but I’m not trying to impress anyone and a dropped call is just an annoyance to me, not something that’ll lose me business.

Stick it out with T-Mobile and see what happens or jump to Sprint or Verizon? Honestly, for me it’ll probably be a bit of both. Even if I get a phone on another carrier, I’ll probably scale back but keep my T-Mobile account. I’ll keep you posted.


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