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Is Google Music the reason there’s no storage expandability in the Nexus S?

February 1, 2011

Back when it was announced, I wondered why the heck they would make a phone with no expandability. Sure, 16GB onboard storage is a lot but, for me (and, I bet, for a lot of other users), it’s not enough for backups, videos and music, Heck, I’ve got a 32GB microSD in my Nexus One and have only about 10GB left. Music and videos take up a little over 20GB (and I’ve edited the music files down quite a bit) and then there’re 3 or 4 ROM backups and 7 versions of backups from Titanium Backup. So, for me, the Nexus S wasn’t an option.

When the Nexus S was announced, they said it was the phone the developers would have on their desk and use on a daily basis. Perhaps that was to “help” them develop and streamline the Google Music experience? Sure, when I’m out and about I could stream my music from my home systems but none of the apps I’ve found will intellligently cache or let me select the songs I want to store locally. There are services available like MiMedia and MP3tunes that’ll let me store and stream my music but I’m not crazy about the ongoing cost nor their apps (well, MiMedia could be a winner — I’m currently trying it out). But a well executed Google Music could address that and also capture my online music buying. I probably buy 10 tracks a month from, download them to either my phone or my NAS, make them available to my Squeezeboxes at home and also generally keep a copy on my phone.A good “cloud” service that integrates buying, storing, streaming and downloading would get my business! If it also let me upload my existing media collection, I’d be even happier and more inclined to pay an ongoing fee. Google Docs with media extensions or something else? I dunno but it’s gotta be in the cards, don’t you think?