Why would you get Sprint’s 4G service?

I’ve been hearing the hype about Sprint’s 4G service for quite a while, and I qualify for a pretty decent discount. So, now that they’ve officially turned it on here in the San Francisco Bay area, my interest has really been piqued. I spoke with a couple of friends who have Sprint 4G service and they tell me it’s GREAT outside but inside is another matter.

Now, why would I want a service that only gives me good speeds outside? Granted, the 4G radio supposedly takes quite a bit of power to drive so I suppose it’s best to use WiFi when I’m inside but, WiFI service is still too spotty for me to count on.

No, I’m gonna stick with T-Mobile. Speedtest.net tells me I regularly get a 3-4 megabits per second down when I’m on the HSDPA network (which is almost all the time nowadays). Maybe I’ll check out Verizon when we get LTE here.


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