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What about the Huawei Ideos S7 Android tablet? (up for pre-order at Best Buy)

October 26, 2010

Note that this 7″ Android Tablet (also known as the Huawei SmaKit S7) has 3G capabilities (AT&T and T-Mobile, it looks like) for only $299 as compared to the $599 Samsung Galaxy Tab. I’m still looking for more details on the tablet itself but it looks like it’s got a Snapdragon processor (like the Nexus One) clocked at either 1GHz or 768MHz, depending on which site you believe, and 256M RAM (a little on the low side). Not sure if it can do 3G on AT&T and T-Mobile or if it’s EDGE on one or the other. There are hands-on videos out there and, from them, it seems pretty like it’s a capacitive touchscreen although, again, if you read other sites, they say resistive. Engadget put up this video on Youtube back in June from one of the shows.

It’s available in Europe now and put up this review.

It’s $25 more expensive than the ARCHOS 70 and you get cellular, too. The downside? Hard to tell at this point. Me? I’ll wait until I can put my hands on them. Lots of tablets coming out very soon, especially since Google’s launching Gingerbread.

Best Buy’s preorder page for Huawei and Samsung Galaxy Tab


HRP-4C dances!

October 19, 2010

No matter your ethical views, this is pretty amazing. Head over to this CrunchGear posting to see the Japanese HRP-4C dancing. If you haven’t heard or just need some extra motivation to head over, it’s a robot with some human female features that’s been under development over in Japan for quite a while.

No, she’s not gonna set any new dance trends but just think about the coding that’s gone into this (gyroscopes or not) to just keep her stable. Lots of work left to do on her but it’s pretty impressive so far.

T-Mobile (finally!) turns up the speed San Jose, CA

October 2, 2010

I’ve been reading that HSDPA is available in San Jose, CA for a long time but nowhere I went did I get speeds over 1Mbps. I tried changing radios, updating build.prop and all the tweaks I’d read about. So, a few days ago, I noticed that things seemed to be a bit snappier. I generally go with WiFi whenever I download anything large (ROMs, albums, videos) so my OTA downloads were relatively small — updates from Engadget, XDA-Developers, Market, things like that. Well, this morning I decided to run a speed test and all 3 that I ran resulted in better than 3Mbps download. And just in time for the G2 launch, too. 🙂