Your own virtual Linux system for $9.99. Period.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this but there’s a new app in the Android Market called “AlwaysOnPC-Virtual Office PC” (the AppBrain link is here). The app costs $9.99 and, for that, you get permanent access to your own virtual machine running Linux from your phone or your desktop PC. That’s it. $9.99. It’s got Firefox and Pidgin (a Linux IM client that connects with just about any IM service you can think of). It’s got Thunderbird and Evolution (an Outlook-like email and calendar system) and Open Office and Dropbox and a lot of other things. And you get 2GB of storage. And the ability to upload and download files both to/from your phone and to/from your PC.

Try it out for yourself from your PC or Mac. Go to and sign up. You get 5 days of access from your PC or Mac for free. Right now they don’t have upgrade options for more than 2GB of storage. Nor, I think, can you leave your VM running when you disconnect from it. And they don’t allow ssh in but they *do* have an ssh client so you can ssh OUT. And they have an ftp client but don’t run ftpd so you can’t ftp IN.

I’ve got questions in to their customer support about storage upgrades and stuff like that. I’ll post more when I know more. In the meantime, try it out for yourself.


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