Notepads on Android — #fail

I use three (yes, count ’em, *three*) notepad apps on my Nexus One: 3 banana notes, AK Notepad and Evernote. Why don’t I just use one? Not surprisingly, it’s because I can’t get everything I need from one app.

3 banana is great because it syncs with “the cloud”, can geotag notes, recognizes phone numbers and URLs and notes can be shared to other apps. But it can’t sort.

AK Notepad (from the SAME people who do 3 banana, can sort and share but it can’t sync and there’s no web interface (which means I can’t update notes from my computer — to do things like save URLs or whatever that I find while I’m working on it instead of my phone).

Evernote from can sync and has a nice web interface but it can’t share.

WTF is this?!? Two apps from the same company and another from a 3rd and I can’t get one app that does 3 things:

1. sort

2. share

3. web/computer enabled

Sheesh! Guess I’m gonna have to go on a search to find YET ANOTHER notepad app and see if I can get my notes from THESE THREE apps into IT 😦


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