After a week with the Nexus One …

My Nexus One arrived on January 6 but I really didn’t have a chance to
do much until the 7th. I haven’t posted any thoughts becfause I wanted
to give myself time to adjust. OK, I think I have and here are my

First, it’s a speedy beast! I haven’t rooted the phone and,
consequently, am “limited” by the internal memory (512M) for apps.
I’ve only got about 100 installed so far (I had over 300 installed on
my rooted G1) and have about 80M available in /data. I think I’ve got
lots of room to grow.

What’s this fascination with thin phones? As far as I’m concerned, the
phone is too thin! I’ve got big hands and, when I hold the phone in my
right hand, I rest the phone on my little finger with my other fingers
behind it so I can use my right thumb when I want to work one-handed.
When I do this for any length of time, my little finger starts to
cramp as does my thumb. I’ve put a rubber skin on the phone which
increases the thickness a bit and adds a little friction to the
slightly slick surface so it’s easier to hold and that has helped a
lot with the cramping.

The live wallpapers are cool but just eye candy so I’m not running one
of them unless I’m showing the phone to a newbie 🙂 The same is true
of all the animations and screen transitions. I leave them turned off
most of the time. It’s nice to see windows slide off to the left or
right of the screen but not very functional and sometimes even a bit
distracting. One animation I haven’t been able to turn off is the app
tray. ON prior version, when you open the application tray, the apps
would slide up from the bottom of the screen. Now, they fly in from
the corners. Again, cute but not functional and a bit distracting.

The screen is beautiful! The colors are vibrant (almost too much so
when I’m looking at the screen in very low or no light situations) and
the automatic brightness control is just about right for my eyes. The
nice thing about automatic brightness is that an app can override
brightness while the apps running but when the apps no longer
controlling the screen, the brightness returns to its previous level.
This is true for settings apps, too, so until the apps are updated,
they are unable to make changes to settings that persist. And this is
a good thing if you’ve selected auto brightness because you don’t
really want an app to make a persistent change to the brightness, do

Just about every app I’ve tried works just fine. Astro, ES File
Explorer, Nitrodesk’s Touchdown, Bratag’s Dock, Apps Organizer, dg
Quickcut, My Backup Pro all work fine. SnapPhoto Pro doesn’t work but
the developer’s working on it and, beyond that, I can’t recall any
other of the apps I consider necessary that don’t work. And, besides,
the stock camera app is pretty good so I can wait.

Do I intend to root my device? Yes but not until I find I need to. One
of my main reasons for rooting my G1 was the fact that I ran out of
storage space for apps and that hasn’t happened yet. Another of the
main reasons was that I couldn’t connect to the wireless network at my
day job and that’s been addressed, too. The phone is snappy and
responsive so, for the time being, I’m happy.

So far the screen is pristine but, just to be safe, I’ve ordered
Phantom Skinz and will install at least the screen protector when it
arrives. The G1 has Zagg Invisible Shield and, while I was plenty
happy with them, I want to give something else a try — there are lots
of high quality, well known and reviewed products available so I
figured I’d give it a try.

OK, that’s my rundown of my first week or so with the Nexus One. I’ll
post updates every now and then as something catches my fancy but if
you have any requests or questions, please feel free to comment or
contact me.


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