Pay for hosted email? You betcha! And a deal on Fastmail accounts

     I’ve been an enthusiastic user and supporter of Fastmail for a while now.They’ve got Personal accounts, Business accounts and Family accounts (this last provides a single control panel for all related accounts). I started with a free account, called a Guest account, then moved right up to their top-tier, fully-paid Enhanced account and have never been unhappy. While their Guest account only allows for 10MB of email storage, it’s enough to give you a sense of what they offer. You can do what I did –set up a forward from my old email account to my free Fastmail account and manage my email from there to try it out. They’ve got a GREAT webmail UI, IMAP and WAP access (if your phone doesn’t have a fully functional browser) and, on everything beyond the free accounts, POP3 and SMTP along with file storage and retrieval, LDAP, the ability to publish a web site, rules, SMS, personalities and, well, a TON of other features that I just can’t list here.

OK, so, what’s the deal? This month (November), you can get 3 years for the price of two. So, you can get 3 years of an Ad-free account ($4.95 for a year) for $9.90, 3 years of a Full account ($19.95 for a year) for $39.90 and 3 years of an Enhanced account ($39.95 — the account I’ve had for a couple of years now) for $79.90!

Like I said, I can’t recommend them highly enough. And if you decide to sign up, please use my affiliate link and I’ll get credit for your sign-up.

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