Android wallpaper location

The built-in wallpapers are compiled in to Launcher.apk but where's the current wallpaper stored?

Are you ready?

/data/data/ and it's in jpg format


20 Responses to “Android wallpaper location”

  1. Alvin B. Says:

    Thanks, found this useful.

  2. azraelpc Says:

    thanks.. i was searching for this info, mate 🙂

  3. Blacc Says:


  4. GTRam Says:

    I searched… But I got message like directory is empty .. I have samsung galaxy

  5. Warren Says:

    I can’t see any files in the /data/ directory. Do I have to root my device to browse here?

  6. Retrieving stolen droid background pic - Android Forums Says:

    […] Android wallpaper location Tonys-Links You'll have to browse into the launcher.apk. A workaround, but I think this is easier, is to take a screenshot of just the background with no apps on top. Taking screenshots on an Android-based phone May I inquire on how your phone was stolen? […]

  7. Rohin Says:

    yeah, I have the same issue as GTRam, ‘directory is empty’ how can I browse into the Launcher apk, are there any specific instructions? I just got Backflip and I am very new to the android interface.

  8. DP Says:

    This is available on rooted phones.
    Open terminal, and type ‘su’ then hit enter.
    the directory /data/data/ will then be available.
    If you copy a jpg to replace ‘wallpaper’, make sure it’s a 960×800 jpg.
    After you copy the file, type ‘chmod 770 wallpaper’

  9. tlan Says:

    works great. thank you.

    had to user terminal emulator


    cp data/data/ sdcard/(new folder)

  10. Steve Crane Says:

    Nice tip.

  11. erolstt Says:

    Hi, How can i reach the wallpapers and show them an image viewer? of course by code.

  12. kunky Says:

    Ok nice, but i cant open that path …. i use the ghost commander

  13. Night_Gryphon Says:

    successfully copied wallpaper but can’t restore it back by replace /data/data/ && chmod 770 wallpaper Getting black background instead of picture

  14. Erzu Says:

    internal phone storage, android, data, com.motorola.blur home, files, .profiles.

    Ur welcome.

  15. Recovering a photo from wallpaper - Android Forums Says:

    […] may have to root your phone to access the directory where the current wallpaper is stored. One quick Google search yielded /data/data/ as the supposed location. Since my phone […]

  16. Hilfe wo finde ich das aktuelle Hindergrungbild - Says:

    […] […]

  17. Laurent Says:

    On my Samsung Galaxy Note – Android 4.1.2 the currently used lockscreen is located at :


    and the Home wallpaper is in :

    and named wallpaper. It’s a file in png format but doesn’t have any extension.

  18. Link Wapcaplet Says:

    Thanks, worked for me running CyanogenMod 7, Android 2.3.7

  19. EP Says:

    thank you so much … I was able to retain a picture I thought I’ve lost forever.

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