Speaking of sync: sync folders over the ‘net

Microsoft has made an updated beta available of their Windows Live FolderShare. It was announced in this entry of their FolderShare Live Spaces Blog (the whole FolderShare Live Spaces is here.
So, what it is? It’s a service (free, right now, while it’s in beta) that allows you to upload files to a central server and synch them between multiple computers. Right now, it’s Mac and Windows only — no mobile and no Linux, but I imagine at least the mobile part will be available sometime soon. You can also supposedly share public folders with friends or colleagues and there’s even a web interface for it, although they say the web interface isn’t as secure as the client you download — communications with the client is encrypted with AES and uses SSL for communications.
I haven’t been able to find much more information or reviews of it yet but I’m sure someone with more time available to them than me will be digging into it. Just quickly browsing their help I see that you can have up to 10 private libraries, each with up to 10,000 files, each file no larger than 2GB. Sounds like a LOT of storage to me and, since it’s free right now, I imagine there’s some other limit that I couldn’t find.


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