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Cases and stuff for T-Mobile Wing

May 30, 2007

The Pocket Solution has cases and other accessories for the T-Mobile Wing.
Then there’s this one, For $28 it looks nice but it doesnt look like it’ll hang on your belt.

Free PIM backup for PPC/SmartPhone

May 26, 2007

Since I’m planning to move to the HTC Herald (aka P4350) that T-Mobile’s offering as the Wing, I’m looking for a good PIM backup application — one that can save off my text messages and call logs (contacts, etc. are already saved via my Exchange account). I found PIM Backup over at xda-developers. It’s free and seems to do it all.

Nice leather case for HTC Herald/T-Mobile Wing

May 25, 2007

Found this leather case on eBay using this search. Price seems good but varies from a dollar or two to about 6 and International shipping looks to add about another $6.

Speaking of Batteries: BatteryStatus

May 25, 2007

BatteryStatus shows the status of your PDA’s battery; things like power-drain, temperature and such. And, actually, the “and such” part is pretty extensive! It comes in two versions, a Freeware and an Extended. Both are still free, as in no-cost, but you can do a lot more with the Extended version and it would appear that the author has plans to eventually charge for it. The documentation for both versions is available through that first link but it only contains a download link for the Freeware version. The extended version is available from this thread in the xda-developers forums as is an extensive discussion of it, what you can make it do, and how to go about it.

Text-to-speech for ringtones

May 25, 2007

AT&T Labs has a text-to-speech page. The cool thing is, it’s got different voices. Think of what you could do with ringtones? 🙂

Lithium Ion Battery use and care

May 24, 2007

Found a pretty good article here that speaks in authoritative tones about how to manage and maintain your battery.

Windows Mobile Team Weblog

May 15, 2007

I keep forgetting to post this. The Windows Mobile Team has a weblog. It’s here.

New phone coming from T-Mobile – HTC Herald

May 15, 2007

Really known as the HTC 4350, this phone is supposed to be introduced by T-Mobile USA next week (5/21 is what everyone’s saying) and I plan to get one. It runs the new Windows Mobile 6 (Professional Edition, I believe is what Microsoft calls it — Standard Edition is for Smartphones). Good rReview at MyMobile911 has an article on unboxing it as well as a few others.

The Boomer’s Anthem

May 11, 2007

It’s actually called Remember Song by Tom Rush.