Jajah: Free landline and mobile phone calls

I can’t believe I haven’t heard of Jajah before! If you haven’t heard of it either, here’s the scoop: jajah users can call each other over standard landlines for free. When calling someone who’s not already a Jajah user, you pay a rate based on the originating and receiving countries — currently 2.8 cents per minute for USA to USA and 3 cents for USA to UK. And if you’re not already signed up, they give you 5 minutes for free so you can try the service. Don’t really know why people would want to use Jajah with their mobile phone since just about everyone I know already has free long distance with their mobile plans but if you don’t I suppose it’s worthwhile. Their mobile site is http://mobile.jajah.com
OK, so, how do you do this? You go to the Jajah website, enter your number and your friend’s number, Jajah call you then calls your friend and connects you. When you register, you can enter your home, office and mobile numbers. Next time you want to call someone, you can select which number you want to originate from, key in your friend’s number and go. And, yes, they’ve got an address book so you can save your friends’ numbers.
Update, 4/3: Note that here in the USA you only get 30 minutes of free calls per day (and 150 per week and some other limit per month). Not great but better than nothing.


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