Affordable Network Attached Storage

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Fry’s has the Tritton Technologies Simple NAS (TRI-NSS001) on sale for $99 with a $30 mail-in rebate. That’s $100 before rebate, folks … for a box that you can populate with a drive of any size … and access over your network … SMB (i.e. Windows) or FTP!
And, yes, has it, too. Same price, same rebate.


2 Responses to “Affordable Network Attached Storage”

  1. Chuck Beyer Says:

    Any special security using it for FTP, or is it ‘use at your own risk?’ For the money, it seems like the ideal place for the 2nd HD I have in my main machine (200 g/byte.) Would make it much more useful for sharing and backup.

  2. tony Says:

    You set up the FTP accounts, give them passwords and specify which directories each can access. Nothing special — the FTP channel isn’t encrypted nor is there a provision for SFTP. Same holds true for the SMB access, it’s userid and password protected.

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