Firefox Extensions I Use

Here’s what I currently run:
Clone Window 0.2.5
Ext2Abc 0.2.1
FLST 0.8.3
Greasemonkey 0.3.3
ieview 0.86
Image Zoom 0.1.7
LastTab 1.1
ListZilla 0.5.1
LiveLines 0.4.3
Minimize to Tray
MiniT+ 20050216.4
NoScript 1.0.7
Preferential 0.7
SessionSaver .2
Tabbrowser Preferences 1.2.5
undoclosetab 20041125.5
User Agent Switcher 0.6.6
xMirror 0.2


2 Responses to “Firefox Extensions I Use”

  1. Chad Everett Says:

    You don’t use the Bloglines Toolkit? Shame on you! 🙂

  2. tony Says:

    Ummm … yeah … well … ahem … wait’ll the next update!

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