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Linspire-based MP3 server for $399

February 25, 2005

MP3Beamer is a streaming MP3 server and comes in two versions: a (relatively) complete 2.8GHz PC running Linspire for $399 or a software download that runs on Linspire for $69.95.


Benq 16X DVD +- RW for $52 at Newegg

February 18, 2005

Newegg has the Benq DW1620 16X DVD+-RW double-layer drive for $52 with free shipping.

Modify Windows MAC Address

February 18, 2005

SMAC lets you modify Windows MAC address. Cost is $14.99.

46 Best Free Windows Utilities

February 18, 2005

I guess this is a yearly thing. It’s been updated and has some good categories including best free anti-virus, best free anti-spyware, best free image enhancer and best free backup utility.

More on Blackberry 7100t from T-Mobile

February 16, 2005

A friend asked if I was using a Blackberry 7100 and if I liked it. The answer now is a resounding YES since I’ve upgraded to 4.0 of RIM’s OS. That and the fact that T-Mobile finally unblocked all ports. Yeah, they had blocked all ports from the phone with the exception of the popular HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP ports, rendering some of the instant messaging apps, as well as the SSH and telnet clients unusable. Last week, they upgraded their servers and unblocked all ports so now I can SSH from my phone to my *nix servers. Pretty weird on this small screen but, still, incredibly useful. The overall reliability of the phone’s OS has increased dramatically and I’m no longer plagued by Bluetooth-induced phone resets. Yeah, I’m pretty happy.
Couple of good places to follow developments with the Blackberry: BlackBerry Forums, especially the forum entitled General Charm Discussion, RIMRoad (for Research In Motion) and PDA Street.

Spyware program targets Microsoft Anti-Spyware product

February 10, 2005

PC World has this article that describes a spyware program that specifically targets Microsoft’s anti-spyware app. Says it tries to disable it, delete all files within its folder and installs a keylogger that records information typed into several UK banking sites.

Site to test your Popup Blocker

February 10, 2005

You can test your popup blocker at It links to various popup techniques. Site seems benign and has links to free and commercial blockers.

Google does maps

February 8, 2005

Google Maps is apparently a new service from Google. I hadn’t seen it before today.

Phishing Flaw in Every Browser but IE

February 7, 2005

Got this from
This web page describes a spoof that every browser but IE allows. As near as I can tell it has to do with the fact that IDNs (International Domain Names) can have country- or language-specific characters in them, yet the display like English characters. So you will see a URL that appears to be, for instance, but it’s actually http://www.p& — the “&amp#1072” is an accented “a”.
You can circumvent this problem in Firefox but the fix doesn’t persist across browser restarts. Opera’ssupposedly got a fix for it now.

Two useful utilities: Deskpins and TaskArrange

February 4, 2005

From Elias Fontinis comes TaskArrange which allows you to order the icons that appear in your taskbar as you want them. He’s also got Deskpins which lets you pin any window to your desktop and keep it on top of all others. Both are free.