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Home Computer Magazine

December 29, 2004

A free magazine from the UK, Home Computer Magazine is truly free, requiring no registration. It’s distributed as an unprotected PDF so you can download it, save it and view it on your own schedule. Comes in 4 versions: 2 broadband versions which include “all animated screens and interactive content” (1 regular and 1 for BitTorrent users) and 2 narrowband versions (1 regular and 1 BitTorrent). The difference between the broadband and narrowband versions is the amount of interactive content.


Flaw in Windows Firewall

December 20, 2004

Don’t know if you saw this or not and I don’t think it was in the pack of updates that came out last week. eWeek has this article on it. The KnowledgeBase article id is 886185.

SP2 can affect Firewire devices

December 20, 2004

Microsoft has published KB885222 documenting the issues which can include a slowdown or complete inoperability of your IEEE1394 devices.


December 16, 2004

Good article in the Windows Secrets Newsletter, outlining the differences between IMAP and POP3. I’m an IMAP believer, having several computers and not willing to restrict my email activities to one of them.
Link is here.