Blackberry 7100t keyboard shortcuts

Move cursor –> Roll Trackwheel
Exit a screen or dialog box –> Press Escape
Click an icon or menu item –> Roll Trackwheel to select item; Click Trackwheel
Select multiple items or characters –> Hold Shift and roll Trackwheel
Move to top of screen –> Press 1
Move to bottom of screen –> Press 7
Pan horizontally across an image –> Hold Alt key and roll Trackwheel
Zoom in on an image –> Press 3. To continue zooming, hold Shift and roll Trackwheel
Zoom out of an image –> Press 9. To continue zooming, hold Shift and roll Trackwheel
Rotate an image –> Press Period (.) key
Reboot –> Remove Battery
Save battery –> Turn off BlackBerry handset in fringe or no-coverage areas
For these tips to work in Day view, in the calendar options, set Enable Quick Entry field to No
Create an appointment –> Press Period (.) key
Move to next day, week or month –> Press 6
Move to previous day, week or month –> Press 4
Move cursor horizontally in Week view –> Hold Alt and roll Trackwheel
Move cursor vertically in Month view –> Hold Alt and roll Trackwheel
Open browser and display list of bookmarks made available by service provider –> Press Convenience Key
Edit web address in Go To dialog box –> Hold Alt and roll Trackwheel. Select address. Edit text. Click Trackwheel
Move down a page –> Press 9
Move up a page –> Press 3
Move between full-screen mode and normal mode –> Press Exclamation Point (!) key
Return to Home screen from any other screen –> Press End
Lock the keyboard –> Hold (*) or click Keyboard Lock
Unlock the keyboard –> Press Send + (*) or double click Trackwheel
Switch between Default and Vibrate notification profiles –> Hold #
Switch to another application –> Hold Alt. Press Escape. Continue to hold Alt. Select application. Release Alt to switch to that application
Open phone –> Press Send
End call –> Press End
Call selected name or phone number –> Press Send
Call a speed dial number –> Hold assigned number key
Type an extension –> Press ZX. Type extension number
Call your voice mail access number –> Hold 1
Type a letter in a number field –> Hold Alt and press letter key
Type the first letter on a key –> Press once. To type second letter, press twice
Turn mute on/off during call –> Press Exclamation Point (!) key
Switch between the speaker and earpiece during call –> Press Period (.) key
Change volume during call –> Roll Trackwheel
Open the selected message –> Press Enter
Compose message from messages list –> Press Comma (,) key
Reply to message –> Press Exclamation Point (!) key
Forward message –> Press Period (.) key
Reply to all –> Press Question Mark (?) key
View received messages –> Press Alt + 3
View SMS messages –> Press Alt + Question Mark (?) key
View MMS messages –> Press Alt + 9
View phone call logs –> Press Alt + Period (.) key
View voice mail messages –> Press Alt + 7
To type words quickly using SureType™ –> Press keys one time for one letter. Type entire word before attempting to make a correction
Scroll across list that appears when you type –> Press Next or roll Trackwheel
Choose selected item in list that appears when you type –> Press Enter or click Trackwheel
Insert a period –> Press Space twice. Next letter is capitalized
Capitalize a letter –> Hold the letter key until capitalized letter appears
Type alternate character on a key –> Press Alt and press the character key
Type a symbol –> Press Alt + Symbol. Press Symbol again to view more symbols. Type letter shown below symbol
Type an accent or special character –> Hold letter key and roll Trackwheel. Click selected character
To insert @ and periods in an email field –> Press Space
Turn on NUM lock –> Press Shift + Alt
Turn off NUM lock –> Press Alt
To switch between SureType and multi-tap input methods in a text field –> Hold *


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