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Good SpaceShipOne pics

June 30, 2004

From one of the venture blogs I watch, here’re the pix.


More “express” products

June 30, 2004

I guess I should’ve been a bit more verbose in my last entry. Microsoft has a whole range of Express products: Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual J#, and Visual Web Dev in addition to SQL. The Express page is here and it’s a jumping-off point to the rest of the products, including links for downloads.

SQL Server 2005 Express

June 30, 2004

Microsoft’s making SQL Server 2005 Express available here. The web page says it’s a free implementation based on SQL Server 2005 and will run on Windows XP as well as Server 2003.

Knoppix boots on my laptop!

June 11, 2004

The Knoppix CD boots on my trusty old Dell C600 laptop. Now, I guess I’ve gotta find a wireless card it recognizes.

Fine free backups

June 11, 2004

Needed a good, low-cost backup program. Good if it backs up to disk and can keep versions. Found the following, with my favorite on top:
SimplySafe Backup
Tried all 3 and eventually settled on the first. They’re all good.

Shoulda tried Knoppix!

June 6, 2004

Had a conversation with a friend this week about my disk installation issues. He recommended I take a look at the Linux distributions known as Knoppix. Now, I’m familiar with security tools version called Knoppix-STD and have used it on a couple of occasions but, somehow, I missed the original. Wonderful distro! Detected my USB keyboard and all of my devices including the drive on the IDE RAID *and* mounted all of my partitions including the NTFS ones.
It’s about a 700M ISO image. Boot it and run it from CD.