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Eclipse: an Open Source general-purpose IDE

August 31, 2003

From their FAQ:
Eclipse is an open source software development project dedicated to providing a robust, full-featured, commercial-quality, industry platform for the development of highly integrated tools.

Little red X’s in IE instead of pictures

August 29, 2003

Today’s Lockergnome Windows Daily pointed me to this article on describing one possible solution for the problem. Down near the end of the article it tells you what registry keys to delete. I’ve only checked this out on one of my machines but the ftp and http keys were present and I’ve deleted them.

“Fix” for MS03-032 w/ ASP.NET and IIS

August 27, 2003

This fix (or this one for Windows 2003 Server) for the “ohmygawd” security issue detailed in TechNet article MS03-032 (MSKB 822925) apparently breaks applications that run on an IIS installation that also has ASP.NET 1.0 installed. Fortunately there’s a workaround, detailed here which deletes and recreates the ASP.NET account. According to the ASP.NET web page, the problem only affects Windows XP Professional installations.
Couple of NBs:
* the TechNet article listed above contains a lot of extra information about the original flaw and the fix.
* this is a cumulative IE patch so it fixes several other problems and should bring your version of Internet Explorer up-to-date.

Free alternatives

August 26, 2003

FreePublicProxies is just what the name implies: a list of free public proxy servers. Some of them I wouldn’t trust (you wanna use an anonymous proxy server that’s accessible only by IP address?) but there’s also a list of top free proxies. Perfect when you want to surf secretly.

Cool tools ar

August 26, 2003

bCheck over at (the same group of folks that brought you CoolMon) has a bunch of neat, free tools available! Hoekey is a hotkey tool, Purrint lets you configure your Print Screen key and wherzit will sohw hidden windows. These things are all small (wherzit is only 4K) and dang useful.

My only RSS reader : Bloglines

August 24, 2003

I’ve just finished uninstalling the last of the client-based RSS readers: FeedDemon. I haven’t used anything other than Bloglines for a couple of weeks now and there’s really no reason to clog up my hard disk with software that I’m not gonna use.
Don’t let me down, Mark! 🙂

Back to Tiny Firewall

August 24, 2003

I’ve gone back to the Tiny V5 beta. After changing networks 3 or 4 times and having to either reboot or remove my wireless card each time to regain network access, I finally pitched the ZA Pro trial. Too bad, too, cause I really wanted to like it — a friend of mine works there and it would’ve been mighty neighborly of me to use it. But the thing doesn’t even have an active ports display!
Next question is: is Tiny worth the price?

TikiWiki : PHP-based Open Source portal

August 24, 2003

It’s been another busy week! While searching for some portal software for a friend of mine I ran across, a SourceForge project. Talk about ambition! And it looks like they’ve done a pretty good job of implementing it. It includes weblogs, wikis, forums (fora?), articles, group permissions, RSS feeds for nearly everything, email notification and incorporation of email into discussions, per user customizations and more.

Oxymoron: Wireless security

August 20, 2003

Think MAC address filtering on your WAP makes your wireless network secure? — I did. Well, think again! The author of this article enabled WEP and MAC address filtering and turned off SSID broadcast and still managed to break into his own network in less than 2 hours. Course, for home networking, the question is how far do you need to go? Or maybe the question is what do you have on your home network that you wouldn’t mind sharing with a casual hacker?

Truer words …

August 20, 2003

Today’s horoscope from MyWay. How could anyone ever doubt the veracity of astrologers? :))
You’d like to think of yourself as the answer person, but you’ll settle for being the resident idea generator. Brilliant thoughts flow through you as naturally as breathing. Idle words fall from your mouth with the ringing declaration of truth. If friends and associates are wise, they’ll harness your brainpower to drive engines of commerce or education. You deserve a lot more than you’re currently getting. Maybe this is the moment to renegotiate your contract. Popularity catches on like a trend or a rumor. What they’re saying is all true, though. Sometimes you even impress yourself.